All aboard. Full STEAM ahead with the Raspberry Pi!

It's a Big Idea

SteamWise is all about giving teachers hands-on resources that help students enjoy learning practical applications of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) using the Raspberry Pi.

STEAM is an educational approach that evolved from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and brings the study of these subjects together as a unified learning experience, rather than separate subjects.

The Raspberry Pi is a pocket-sized computer developed in the United Kingdom and first released in 2012. It's uniquely designed to enable people of most any age (kids!) to more easily learn computer programming languages such as Python and Scratch, and the wonderful ways computers can interact with the outside world, often with few just a few lines of code.

Here are some basic project examples.

Now More Than Ever: Education Is Key

The World Economic Forum indicates that the Fourth Industrial Revolution, happening now, right now, marks the advance of the combination of recent technologies that is disruptive to almost every industry and economy

Evolving far faster than previous industrial revolutions, the boundaries are blurred between physical, digital, and biological realms. Advances include robotics, blockchain, software automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, mobile communications, social media, data storage, and access to information.

This revolution is unlike any other mankind has experienced. It is rapidly changing the way we think, work, interact, and live. There is strong evidence that this will create higher tech jobs and phase out lower tech jobs, change the way we exchange value, and maintain national security.

That's Where We Come In...

SteamWise provides schools and teachers with the projects that engage students in simple, fun and meaningful lessons that they will enjoy and help prepare them for a rewarding higher education and career experience. Everything they need to get started and keep going is included: hardware, software, and guided instruction.

Oh.... and fun is kind of mandatory around here. :)